ABC top stories – obscure union boss says blame Pauline if Cadbury loses Easter Egg sales over Halal Cert – Michael Smith News

Grey Coat said…


Sorry to harp on this subject… & while its commendable for Pauline Hanson to bring up the Halal Story
I, strongly feel She & her Party need to take up much bigger issues………. (come-on Pauline, get a grip) ! …Why ?

Well try this one !

Australia nearly Completely Dependent on Imported Fuel.

Source & down load, Audio: Monday 24 February 2014 6:36 AM (view full episode) (& of all people, & astonishingly ! to be congratulated) from: ABCRadioNational

Australia is the Ninth Largest Energy Producer in the World but would run out of Petrol in 3 Weeks if Imports were interrupted. A new report claims Australia Fuel Supply is a National Security issue & urges The Government to save The Oil Refining Industry,

Australia has never been so energy insecure & will be completely dependent on Overseas fuel by 2020 a report has found.
“Australia’s Fuel Security”… commissioned by the NRMA last year, found that Australia imports 91% of its fuel, up from around 60% (per cent) in 2000.

Fuel actually underpins Our Economy & Our Way of Life, the reports author (Retired) Air Vice Marshall John Blackburn told RN Breakfast.

In Sydney alone there 25,000 Truck trips a week that do our food supply.
If you turn off that supply off, its not a matter of having to Import some product, your way of life stops….Its fundamental ,its like air !

The calls come after Swiss Oil Trading group (Giant) Vitol stepped in at the 11th Hour to buy Shell’s Geelong refinery for $2.9 billion last week.
twenty-eight per cent of the Refining Industry is set to close by the end of this year, according to Blackburn. The (Former deputy Head of the RAAF also accused previous reviews of Energy Security of being purely economic.

This is a National Security, a national survival issue in the longer term, he said. “When you look at the rest of the supply chain, nobody’s looked at regional conflict, for example: if there was a regional problem that could affect shipping or trade.

No-one’s looked at the vulnerability of our supply chain”.
“Whilst it makes economic sense to let markets do it, there’s a security piece here. so we have an economic plan without security which is bad, frankly, as a security plan that’s not affordable. We need to find somewhere in the middle!.

The Government bought forward The Energy White Paper from 2015 to this year, said Blackburn, which meant that there would be no time for Energy Security assessment to be included.
He urged The Government to consider dropping barriers to the adoption of gas as vehicle fuel and to work with The Refining Industry to retain capacity in Australia.
“Before it disappears, lets have a serious look at how we make The Refining Industry in Australia viable” he said. “The only Country in the International energy agency…without Refining Capacity is Luxembourg “!

My only comment,…(& I, am Old & Tired !)

When, you have lazy & incredibly stupid People running The “Government” they can be not only be deadly… but highly Dangerous to our Nation & its Security !

…..& how a lot of otherwise sensible People can just sit there with a burning issue such as this…. just… astonishes & astounds me !

God Help Australia !

Source: ABC top stories – obscure union boss says blame Pauline if Cadbury loses Easter Egg sales over Halal Cert – Michael Smith News


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