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By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~ Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is taking flak for saying he’s “not worried at all” about robots displacing American workers. Yet he’s spot on: ………….

The same goes for the service sector, like retail, hotels and restaurants, and warehousing. A staggering 94 percent of CEOs using robots say they’ve increased productivity. The end result: fewer jobs for unskilled workers, though in all likelihood more jobs overall as the economy grows, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The new jobs will likely pay more but demand more skills. So it’s urgent for workers and young people to get the skills needed for tomorrow’s work environment.

Left-wingers like Bernie Sanders are calling for “free” college at taxpayers’ expense, and Gov. Cuomo just delivered a version of it. But college is no cure-all, especially not if you major in film and gender studies and shun courses that would give you work skills.

Message to politicians: Focus on workplace readiness. It beats trying to block technological progress – a vain attempt to protect yesterday’s jobs. Instead of signing the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862, should President Lincoln have opposed the Transcontinental Railroad to protect the jobs of stage coach drivers?

When banks introduced ATMs, tellers panicked. But ATMs increased profits, banks expanded and actually hired more tellers (2 percent more a year since 2000) to do more complex tasks, as Gabriel Horwitz of the centrist Third Way think tank explains.

Source: No, Robots Won’t Put Us All On The Unemployment Line | PA Pundits – International


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