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If people of a certain faith are driving cars and trucks into crowds, what is the most sensible solution?

Chris … 

Cars and other vehicles “have turned into deadly weapons”, and should be banished”

She’s right.  We’re just silly billies letting all these things exist in our society that could be turned “into deadly weapons.

Baseball bats – ban em.   All knives – ban em.  Motorbikes – ban em.  Musical instruments – ban em all.  Lawn movers – ban em.  Tradies tool kits – ban em.  Hockey sticks – ban em.  Tall buildings – ban em.  Cranes – ban em.  Steam rollers – definitely ban the lot – the ultimate murder machine!!

Source: IT’S JUST COMMON SENSE | Daily Telegraph

Yep, a feral farmer used a steamroller to flatten dead and dying stock on his property so they couldn’t be seen from the roads. The saddest part was that eh RSPCA stuffed up the paperwork and he got away with it.

Luckily only toddlers and the old and feeble will be caught by the average steam roller … they seem to be designed to travel slowly enough to suffocate as well as crush.


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