Magic mushrooms become CO2 indicators for the urban lawn | Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE and the “magic mushrooms” department… Researchers find mushrooms may hold clues to effect of carbon dioxide on lawns DURHAM, N.H. – Sinc…

I think troe has a better grasp of scientific studies than those involved with the magic mushroom theories above.

“more research” response of US Senator Lamar Alexander to climategate revelations. Guess this is what he meant. Actually I am envious as my own important research project has not received nearly the funding it deserves.

Intersectional Cognitive Decisional Basis Study of Pontoon Boat Carpet Replacement Adhesive Projects Interaction with Increased Atmospheric CO2 levels Projected By Climate Modeling

Preliminary findings:

1) Decisions to replace pontoon boat carpeting yourself as a money saving measure should be made while sober.

2) Relationships will become stressed during the second weekend of the project. This is especially true toward the end of 10 hour days. Additional finding that all enthusiasm will dissipate by week 3.

3) The alien life form like old adhesive will become more fluid as temperature rises from morning to mid-day.

4) The above reverses after sunset proving the importance of the Sun to Earth temperatures (for those chained to the wall of a cave who didn’t already know that)

5) Human CO2 exhalation spikes can be attributed to the holding power of particular strips of old marine carpeting. Cursing increases also correlate well but require further study.

Everyone can see that this study is at least as relevant to life as we know it as the mushroom/lawn paper. I have requested a funding level consistent with the price of a six-pack of craft beer in my area. Enjoy the Easter weekend. I’ll be in the boat shed.

Source: Magic mushrooms become CO2 indicators for the urban lawn | Watts Up With That?


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