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Privileged Leftists give themselves awards for their “commitment in fighting hunger”Conservatives provide the jobs that allow people to buy their own food.


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 @Corey When Darryn Lyons launched the floating Christmas tree in Geelong all the complainers were saying the money could have been given to the homeless. 

I went down there one evening to take some photos and a girl approached and asked if I thought the tree was worth it. 

I mentioned that it would cost around $400,000 over the five years of depreciation and that the cost benefit analysis suggested it would return $7 million (from memory now but I had looked up the figures and sure it was around that) to the local economy just from out of town visitors. 

I also pointed out that there were 50,000 people who came into Geelong to see the tree light up for the first time. That if the average spend was $20 which is not an unreasonable for such an event that the tree put $1 million back into the local economy on it’s opening and everything from here on in is cream. 

She looked at me and asked “yeah, but do you think it’s worth it?”. 

Someone else told me my $20 per head estimate was way off because they did not spend a cent, they just bused in lol. 

Businesses said they were getting 60-70% more business than previous years and putting on staff but the naysayers could see no correlation between creating jobs and helping the homeless. 

Opportunity trumps hand out (though clearly there is a time for the latter) but you cannot do much moral posturing when people are able to help themselves. 

Lyons was great for Geelong but that flog of a state premier Daniel Andrews closed the council down.



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