In Queensland, a sex offender receives a free “cultural differences” pass following his Surfers Paradise groping frenzy.


And WHERE are all those feminists who have been lecturing Men and Boys for decades for even looking at women. Where is Clementine Ford frothing at the mouth when it frothed because someone ‘looked’ at it for two seconds on a train. Remember the angst, hate, vitriol and malice back then, a whole year ago ! Feminists now prefer middle eastern troglodytes molesting women without so much as a whimper. Which means that it is now open season on groping and molesting women at will, as long as you lied to enter the country and have a different colour skin. Feminist hypocrisy could not be any more obvious than that. They just throw their claims and demands in the garbage as that has now had the appropriate effect as they move onto the next target, or in this case a ‘non-target’. They are now adding and abetting serial sexual abusers..

Fern … 

They were out in force when Trump was recorded as saying women actually let him touch them (even he seemed amazed by this, but at least it was both sides who were hot to trot).This offender was not given such permission – except after the event by a male judge, so much for the rights of girls and women in his reinterpretation of the law.

Your puzzlement, Christian, stems from a relatively common mistake many make, that feminists are actually concerned about women. The fact of their silence on the terrible fate of women in other cultures makes it clear that they are only using the women issue as a weapon to help destroy Western culture. If they were to criticise other cultures it might look like they are admitting that our culture is better in these matters, and that they will NEVER do.

Source: NO CONVICTION RECORDED | Daily Telegraph


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