Cultural relativism sees justice denied | The Spectator Australia

A teenager who migrated from Afghanistan recently plead guilty to a series of sexual assaults in Surfer’s Paradise committed in 2016. 


More insulting is the implication which accepting such cultural relativism casts upon the 16,600 or so Afghan-born individuals residing in Australia. That their upbringing in a conservative, war-torn country where women are covered up somehow makes them predisposed to divorce themselves from their basic human decency – could there be any greater insult?


One wonders whether the argument would have been as persuasive were it a Russian immigrant who was not used to seeing scantily clad women as he had grown up in a cold city in Northern Siberia.


Immigrants are best placed to settle into the Australian community when they are treated by the same standard as everyone else, not paternalised or patronised. Refusing to accept cultural or moral relativism as an excuse for abhorrent conduct is the only way to truly ensure that our society upholds the principles and values that it holds dear.

Source: Cultural relativism sees justice denied | The Spectator Australia


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