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Late in 2015, some weeks after Malcolm Turnbull’s successful coup against Prime Minister Tony Abbott, I found myself in conversation with a senior Liberal MP.


If Turnbull was a Formula One driver, he’d be excellent at sitting in the pits while everyone else does the hard work of changing tyres and fixing wings. Driving the car to the pits and then driving it away, however, are outside his range.

Meanwhile, US president Donald Trump – the man whose campaign staff Turnbull declined to approach during his American visit last year – continues to demonstrate the virtues of telling it straight and addressing enemies head on. His Pennsylvania speech on Saturday night to mark 100 days in office was a superb piece of Trumpian political theatre, complete with gags about incompetent media and applause for security guards who ejected hecklers.

The Prime Minister’s meeting next week with Trump will be a study in absolute opposites. It might be Turnbull’s most awkward moment as PM since his post-midnight election meltdown.

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