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Evidently the bloke who did donuts in the middle of Swanston and Flinders Sts and then proceeded, after being allowed to do so by the Victorian Police, to mow down six innocent pedestrians, only allegedly did so. And because of what he did, not allegedly did, bail justices will have their powers curbed.

And on that note, some crimes will not have bail given, except in exceptional circumstances, so when carjackers and home invaders bring out the old we don’t know the rules and our culture tells us we can do these things, we didn’t know we were doing wrong in a civilised country, that will be considered exceptional, and, ergo, bail will be allowed.

Very little will change, but the government looks like it is doing something, which is what all lefty governments do, look like they are doing something, seeming, feeling, all that luffie stuff. Which, in the real world, does nothing but empower criminals because they know very little will happen to them.


Source: TIPS FOR MONDAY, MAY 8 | Herald Sun



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