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Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a public figure who, for most Australians, has emerged out of nowhere this year. This is not certainly not due to…


There were multiple petitions demanding Yassmin be sacked from her role at the ABC yet they fell on deaf ears. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced that DFAT would be reviewing her role with them. But following this review Julie Bishop announced Yassmin would be staying on because her apology was good enough and she was apparently making a valuable contribution to promoting Australia. Not surprisingly once again our government refuses to listen to the Australian people. They especially don’t listen when it comes to our concerns over Islam, as Australians know that the purpose of Yassmin being put on their screens is to whitewash the problems Islam is having in this country and around the world. Even the Paul Barry from the ABC’s own Media Watch program has admitted that Yassmin was hired for being a Muslim woman.

In fact the only organisation which took action against Yassmin was a private company that still had her as an employee, Shell. She was employed by them as an engineer but took leave to be the so called social activist she is now. She was taken off their books earlier this year as her leave without pay was not extended, as a corporation that is subject to market forces Shell of course would look at this as a smart business decision. There are plenty of Australians who will now gladly fill up at Shell knowing that this is a company that will have nothing to do with Yassmin’s agenda.

Source: The Free Market Deals with Yassmin, Government Refuses – The Unshackled


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