Is this the death sentence for literature?:



@andrew k a thoroughly well-picked nit. If you bother to read what went down and think for a moment, common sense indicates that he jumped before being pushed. As a defender of all things Leftist, can you explain an apparent dichotomy – on the one hand we are harangued into the belief that one can self-identify trivia such as gender or race; nonetheless, we cannot appropriate other attributes in our imaginations. The Left sure is a weird and wonderful place.



Slightly off topic. You should encourage people to listen to the recently released album by the Rolling Stones (yes, they are still around). It’s called Blue and Lonesome and consists of cover versions of the songs that inspired them back in the 1950/60s. They are all blues classics and are all songs by black Americans.

For a Stones fan, a great opportunity to just revel it cultural appropriation and give thanks to all the great music theyhave enjoyed throughout their life because a bunch of white Poms fell in love with the music of black Americans.

Viva cultural appropriation! Viva life!

@Rick Sounds like a great album and thanks for mentioning it here, but it’s not “cultural appropriation” to play music written by someone else or to write music that is inspired by a different cultural heritage.  The Stones have never claimed to be African-Americans!


Writers of biographies don’t claim to be the person they are writing about. How many fiction writers claim to be every person, race or gender they write about? They just imagine what they might do to fit the story line. The Stones are just inspired to write music by African-Americans.



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