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In recent years I have observed the cult of celebrity being reflected in lobby groups. It probably started with Heather Ridout (then at the lobby group AIG) who started to think she was a player an…


So my theory – the more obscure or behind the scenes is the secretariat, the more likely the lobby group is acting in the members’ interests. Members of lobby groups should stand up and put the secretariat and its boss back in their box.

But the organisation which seems most to have strayed far from its mission is CPA – the society of accountants – a lobby group representing accountants and auditors (and competing with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand which were once planning to merge).

CPA has become a vanity project for its secretariat head – Alex Malley. It has defied attempts for disclosure on executive remuneration and it turns out that Malley and two others together got paid about $3.5 million a year. For an organisation that supposedly advocates for good practices in financial reporting to bemoan disclosure laws and attempt to resist full disclosure is beyond a farce. It is disgraceful.

Source: CPA and other lobby groups | Catallaxy Files


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