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Appropriately, immigration minister Peter Dutton took steps to have the fraudster Iranians deported. The Iranians, however, did not accept the minister’s ruling and took their cases to Administrative Appeals Tribunal bureaucrats.

Talk about kind, friendly and generous. The AAT, which has form in this regard, having overturned nearly 4500 visa decisions made by the immigration minister or his delegate in just the past year, duly found in favour of the six refugees. Despite being busted as returnees and having their stories disproved, they have been allowed to remain in our country.

Dutton is now considering his next step. “The Minister has the power to set aside AAT decisions,” a spokesman told The Daily Telegraph. “These matters will be reconsidered in due course. All matters are considered on a case-by-case basis.”

If you were placing bets, the smart money might be on a permanent return to Iran. The fabled land of openness and generosity beckons.

Source: RUN FROM PARADISE | Daily Telegraph


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