Former PM – John Howard Calls Australia’s Renewables Policy a ‘National Scandal’ – STOP THESE THINGS

*** John Howard was seen by many as the underdog of Australian conservative politics, who took more than two decades as a Federal MP to reach the position of Prime Minister, the victim of bitter in…


Just a moment’s hesitation would have made the journalist realise that something is wrong here. If the gap is closing why do we have the renewable energy subsidies and why are we bothering with not one but two Commonwealth reviews? After all if the gap is closing then we need no more subsidies.

The answer is that the price being paid does not include the subsidy to wind which is $90 per MWh – in other words, the wind is being purchased for $150 per MWh with most of this being provided as a backhander from other energy suppliers via their unwitting customers.

And it gets even worse. The intermittent nature of the renewable energy means it can only be worth as much as baseload or controllable supply (like hydro and fast start gas) as long as those supplies are available to balance renewables without them having to pay the premium required. Moreover, the intermittent nature of the wind and solar and its diverse locations means the consumer is having to pay much more for beefed up transmission and storage – both batteries and, the Turnbull joke of the month, pumped storage from the Snowy.

Source: Former PM – John Howard Calls Australia’s Renewables Policy a ‘National Scandal’ – STOP THESE THINGS


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