WE NOW have a deadly measure for judging a Budget and it’s not whether it will make us better off.



I’ve read a story, or would like to, that Collingwood and Richmond are getting rid of their star players and are going to recruit park players instead…. in the interests of fairness.

@Geoff Well that sounds fair.

But what could be even fairer is if each team kicks the goals for the other team, and lets see who is the most generous.  Could be a battle for generosity and fairness. You don’t need footy skills to be fair.


@P J of Melbourne To be fair, their ABC should have gone on strike in support of their FauxFacts comrades.

And to be equally fair, their ABC should shed it’s staff in the same proportion as FauxFacts.

Now that would be fair and equal towards their comrades.

@Paul @P J of Melbourne To be fair, the ABC should go on strike…permanently.

They decide to withdraw their “services” and we agree to pay them what their contribution to society is worth.



I was fortunate enough, as a child from a poor background, to enjoy the very best in education through the British Grammar school system. This was a scheme which tested children at age 11 (shock horror), and there was a second chance at 13, and the brightest children were sent to the most excellent schools in town, for a top class education. There was also a means to ascertain which children seemed to have technical tendencies and they were filtered into specialist technical schools.

Then concerns were raised as to how unfair this system was to all of those children who did not pass the selective exam, so never mind that multitudes of children had been able to leave poverty behind and go to university and into jobs beyond their parents’ imaginings.

But socialists seem oblivious to consequences of their actions, or perhaps they really do want people to be trapped in the poverty in which they were brought up, usually while having the resources to educate their own children in the best schools.

The result of this destruction of the Grammar school system was that, inevitably, the children who lived in poor areas were destined to have no choice but to attend the rather poorer schools in their own areas. Those parents with the means, managed to move to areas with the best schools, or to pay for private education; the rest had no escape. That’s fairness supposedly.



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