Two approaches to Islam and terror – Part One – Greg Sheridan’s just returned from the UK with important insights – Michael Smith News

“The Global Serf” said…

Special Message to Michael Smith,

How, can we now have any trust in The Commonwealth Government’s overall approach to Our National Security when The Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull invites an antagonistic bunch of some of the elements of Islam to Kirribilli House in the Heart of Sydney & hob-knobs with them ?

It is more than clear now that the philosophy of elements of those Islamists who were present at that function (put especially on for them !) are totally alien to our best interests & basic Society. (even our safety).

On another vital issue & after reading an alarming NRMA Report regarding the eventuality that by 2020 in Australia… & if the Big Energy providers namely The Massive Fuel Cartels (providers) continue on with their apparent policy of the shutting down all our remaining Fuel Refining Capacity in Australia & with the then with an even more alarming spectre of all Refined Fuel (& it’s associated finished product) will then necessitate & have to be coming in by Large Oil Tankers from South East Asia. ( & via those Sea Lanes !)

(& namely large proportion being apparently, from the Huge Mega Refineries in Singapore.)

You, don’t have to be a Genius to understand that if conflict breaks out anywhere in South East Asia, (& at any time) that Australia would have laid it self bare to be Highly Vulnerable to utter Disaster ! (if fuel stops “We” Stop) !

I, believe we now do have have a highly negligent & totally irresponsible (“Globalist & Mantra Driven”) Commonwealth Government to allow such a situation to develop.

There is even a possibility of Australia (& incredibly, being The Ninth Largest Energy Provider in the World) rapidly running out of vital fuel in a very short period time due to the utter stupidity & neglect of our Australian Commonwealth & State Government’s.

I, view this developing situation with the most serious alarm !

Source: Two approaches to Islam and terror – Part One – Greg Sheridan’s just returned from the UK with important insights – Michael Smith News

Couldn’t have said it better than The Global Serf.


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