Via Mark Latham, this example of rampant sexism in an advertisement for a campaign assistant for Unions NSW:

  • Salary: Unions NSW Trainee Grade 1 – $57, 869.48.

  • Personal Leave: 10 days per annum (accumulative).

  • Annual Leave: 5 week’s annual leave with 17.5% leave loading.

  • Long Service Leave: 2 months after 10 years’ service.

  • Superannuation: 9.5% employer contributions and 11.5% for female employees.



Unions NSW started doing this in 2014,  ANZ in 2015 and Rice Warner in 2013. You need to get a waiver from the Human Rights Commission to be allowed to discriminate.

“ANZ is the first bank in Australia to discriminate positively in favour of women in terms of compulsory super contributions, although actuaries Rice Warner have been giving female staff an extra 2 per cent since 2013 and Unions NSW followed suit about a year ago. The only complication to date is that organisations planning to do so have to get a waiver from the Human Rights Commission to be allowed to discriminate in that way.”


Exactly right. Equal opportunity legislation has always allowed for sensible exceptions.


@CM Really, so why is this a sensible exception?

What about if the women employed had worked her whole life and had a healthy super balance? And the man had been out of work raising children for 15 years?

Source: PROPER SEXISM | Herald Sun


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