How to Lose the Catholic Vote — Quadrant Online

Surveys show that parents value Catholic schools because they are faith based where education involves the whole child, intellectual, moral as well as spiritual, and schools set high expectations and, compared to government schools, have more disciplined classroom environments.

Another reason why Catholic schools must be properly funded is because research shows such schools are very effective in promoting diversity and difference and, as a result, there is less racism and bullying compared to government schools.

Research also proves that Catholic schools have higher completion rates where more students stay on to Year 12 compared to government schools.  Catholic school students also achieve better Year 12 results and have a much higher chance of going to university.

In addition to paying school fees Catholic school parents also pay taxes that support government schools and the existence of Catholic schools, that enrol over 20 per cent of students across Australia, save state and commonwealth governments billions of dollars each and every year.

Source: How to Lose the Catholic Vote — Quadrant Online

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