Recognise What? – Cory Bernardi

Let me say that we, as Australians, have nothing to feel guilty for. What has happened in the past is not our responsibility.

What is our responsibility is to question the tens of billions of taxpayer dollars spent on aboriginal communities with virtually nil effect on health, domestic violence, education and wellbeing outcomes.

No constitutional change will ever redress this reality. No amount of money will fix the problems plaguing Indigenous communities until we expect them to do what everyone else in our society does.

Yes, we can accept the harsh reality of past conduct but we should not judge the decisions of yesterday by today’s standards. If we did, the substandard treatment of the convicts, war-time internees or those subject to the death penalty would be cause for an apology too.

Put simply, we need to deal with the issues of today, not continually revisit the problems of the past. A forward focussed, unified nation, will reject any division of our society according to race, creed or colour.

Source: Recognise What? – Cory Bernardi



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