Issue 363

Simple, eh?  Turn the lights off for an hour, reduce carbon emissions and help save the planet.

That was March.  Then there is 26 May to 17 June. During this period, Sydney is into Vivid Live which presents itself as a “conversation festival of light, music and ideas”.  This is a LIGHTS ON occasion in which buildings in the Sydney CBD and some suburbs are lit up in various colours.  Hundreds and thousands of Sydneysiders are encouraged to stay in – or travel to – the CBD etc at night and watch the Sydney Opera House change colour. And more besides.

According to the promoter of Vivid Live 2017, this year’s event will be carbon neutral.  Really. So, all those people will descend on Sydney to watch all those lights without any impact on carbon emissions whatsoever.  Really. Well, this is what we are told.  Apparently, any carbon spillage from Vivid Live will be “offset via the purchase of certified carbon credit”.

Source: Issue 363 

From Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog.


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