Queensland’s child safety department identified two girls who suffered genital mutilation. They took the children away – and then returned them to their parents, who had arranged the operations.


Brian of Thirlmere NSW

In the irony to end all ironies, we have a Royal Commission currently under way into child sexual abuse in order to expose those who abused children and those who either ignored this abuse or knowingly covered it up. Sadly, no one today is in any position to prevent the suffering of these children given these crimes happened decades ago and the perpetrators are either deceased or in jail, and the institutions responsible have long since reformed to prevent any further occurrence. We’ve seen Catholics, Anglicans, Jehovah’s Witness and Jews all come under intense scrutiny, with media outlets like Fairfax and the ABC detailing regularly and in depth these abhorrent and historic acts of child abuse, and reveling in the shame this exposure has brought these institutions.
What makes this spectacle so utterly obscene, is that by the Royal Commission and the leftwing media ignoring the abuse of children by members of the Islamic faith taking place TODAY, abuses like child marriage and FMG, these mendacious hypocrites are doing precisely what they so readily condemn others of doing – willfully turning a blind eye to the criminal abuse of children to the point of complicity. Irony simply doesn’t come any more profound than this.



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