UK Metropolitan Police issue warning to Londoners – Run and Hide – turn phone to silent – London under attack – Michael Smith News

Earl said…

The current London attack has introduced a new element to the problems we now live with which hopefully Australian authorities and businesses will pick up on.

We need to augment our evacuation mindset with new lockdown procedures.

The London terrorists were entering buildings hunting down their victims so any evacuation procedure would have been suicidal – sending victims to the murderers, any do nothing but mill round and gawp procedure would have been suicidal – sitting ducks, so where was the lock all doors and set up defences contingency planning of a lockdown?

I’d bet dollars to donuts that not one premises had a lockdown procedure. It took cops to instigate this action and looking at the videos even this took time to sink in with the drinkers.

Look around any Australian shopping centre and you will see premises with wide open entrances. Supermarkets with shopping trollies queued out under the roller doors. Need for lockdown and someone would have to move these out of the way before the slowly descending door could be brought down. What did Aldi foresee in its building planning??

The yank universities are also well versed in lockdown procedures. Does anyone know if we are? All I have ever heard have been evacuation announcements and alarms.

Part of a business lockdown process should include identifying the best defendable place to herd customers to during lockdown. Both fire and police agencies should have this detail as part of their action plan so that when entering a building they can have some degree of certainty that if they encounter a person in x area the chances are it is not a customer/staff and additional care need be taken. Equally in the event of fire the area to concentrate on saving would also be known.

The mustering point should also have a supply of fire extinguishers predominantly powder ones (good weapon in a non-fire situation). Staff should be trained to think about weaponizing themselves and encouraging able bodied customers to also – supermarket staff should get tinned items (Londoners used chairs and glasses). If a muster point is upstairs then also grab liquid soaps to spread on the stairs behind the last evacuee. It is hard to run up slippery stairs while being pelted with tins of John West salmon…… (shameful advertising plug).

I know it sounds crazy but this is the type of society we now live in and if my craziness saves 1 life I’ll be happy.

But then again we could just light some more candles and start up some more #’s stuff which seems to be the preferred actions because, as I noted above, the only drills I’m aware of still are evacuation ones and people running aimlessly in what they think is the direction away from danger (as per British advice) just adds to the pandemonium and continues the “weakness” of the victim.

Form up men, dig deep and do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Waterloo was not won by soldiers charging in any direction, no they formed squares and took the enemy head on and where it is a “fair” fight i.e. the cowardly bastards only have knives then I will take the squares.

Source: UK Metropolitan Police issue warning to Londoners – Run and Hide – turn phone to silent – London under attack – Michael Smith News


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