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This is Donald Trump’s doing. No one else would have had the strength of character and the will and determination. We know what the global elites think but what do the deplorables think?


Tim Neilson

Pedant alert. There’s an inaccuracy in one of the comments. “Thatcher and Gore have one thing in common neither were scientists, they were both politicians.”
Thatcher had a science degree from Oxford and her first job was as an industrial chemist. To be fair to her, she was on board the CAGW thing only in the early days, before reality diverged sharply from the predictions, and as soon as reality contradicted the alarmism she recanted. And her response to the alarmism was only to push for nuclear power, not to destroy the world’s economy. It’s utterly unfair to bracket her with Fat Albert.

Source: We’ll never have Paris | Catallaxy Files


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