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I have never accepted the insanity plea as a legitimate means to escape justice. If a defendant could cook his own meals and drive a car, brush his teeth, and perform other normal, everyday actions without killing himself, then he was sane enough to commit the crime, to engage in premeditation, thinking, plotting, and acting. “Insane” or “unstable” individuals who commit crimes ALWAYS know what they’re doing. No one is ever going to convince me otherwise. Such a person lives in a compartmentalized universe composed 90% obsessing fantasy (Islam’s “ideal” world, belief in an all-knowing, all-powerful deity, and an afterlife in a so-called Paradise) and 10% reality, when he walks and talks and can open and close doors and doesn’t blow himself up while assembling the components of a suicide bomb.

Source: Ramadana-Ding-Dong Or, Bringing Joy To Allah | PA Pundits – International


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