Last Chance Hotel: Australia’s Energy Crisis at the Crossroads – STOP THESE THINGS

Into that mix strides Alan Finkel; a boffin tasked with trying to rescue Australia’s power grid from imminent collapse, the consequence of loading it up with intermittent, chaotic and erratic wind and solar power.

Some see Finkel as the Great White Hope.

STT will reserve its judgement on that matter: bright and shiny ideas are one thing, implementing them over a pack of rabid, salivating rent-seekers out to prevent you from doing so is quite another.

However, as The Australian’s Nick Cater correctly observes, Finkel’s report on Australia’s renewable energy fiasco offers the Federal Liberal/National Coalition government one last chance to dig the country out of a massive economic hole.

Finkel report is PM’s chance to fix this energy mess
The Australian
Nick Cater
6 June 2017

For the first time in 50 years we have a shortage of active generation capacity

There’s an app for everything these days, even one that tracks in real time the startling cost of Australia’s ­ludicrous energy policy.

Source: Last Chance Hotel: Australia’s Energy Crisis at the Crossroads – STOP THESE THINGS

So much for going forward.


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