Richard Lindzen–Final Part | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

By Paul Homewood   The final segment from Richard Lindzen’s thoughts on the state of climate science:       MIT atmospheric science professor Richard Lindzen suggests that many …


Arctic sea ice:

Satellites have been observing arctic (and Antarctic) sea ice since 1979. Every year there is a pronounced annual cycle where the almost complete winter coverage is much reduced each summer. During this period there has been a noticeable downtrend is summer ice in the arctic (with the opposite behavior in the Antarctic), though in recent years, the coverage appears to have stabilized. In terms of climate change, 40 years is, of course, a rather short interval. Still, there have been the inevitable attempts to extrapolate short period trends leading to claims that the arctic should have already reached ice free conditions.

Source: Richard Lindzen–Final Part | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT

Most idiots in the world can probably work out that if the Arctic is doing one thing, and the Antarctic is doing the opposite, then the average stays about the same. Well, unless the quality of idiots is reduced with more CO2 in the air we breath.


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