Renewables Rent-Seekers Panic as Wind Power Operators Forced to Pay Back-Up Costs – STOP THESE THINGS

If there is one thing that renewables-rent-seekers dread more than calm and cloudy weather, it has to be uncertainty. Always keen to preach about how cheap wind power has become, but always reticen…


As detailed in our last few posts, much of it arises from the realms of fantasy and fiction. However, it has thrown one whopping spanner in the works, by dictating that wind and solar power generators be required to deliver power around the clock, whatever the weather.

Finkel’s edict provides wind and solar power outfits with a choice between adding monstrous (as yet, non-existent) batteries to their operations and building fast-start peaking power plants (which means either highly inefficient Open Cycle Gas Turbines or diesel generators) to cover routine, total and totally unpredictable collapses in power output – such as this classic performance from every wind farm scattered across the entire Eastern Grid, with a notional capacity of 4,395MW:

The ultimate cost of covering that chaos is born by power consumers, not by wind power outfits, which have, until now, avoided any responsibility for the inability to deliver a reliable and meaningful power supply, by which we mean available as and when consumers demand it.

Source: Renewables Rent-Seekers Panic as Wind Power Operators Forced to Pay Back-Up Costs – STOP THESE THINGS


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