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The president of the Human Rights Commission is no stranger to controversy, and now she’s on her way out, with Turnbull last year announcing her contract would not be renewed. Thank god.


During the Farifax profiling, Triggs spoke of her late daughter, Victoria, born in 1984 with debilitating chromosomal disorder making her severely disabled. Now it is important to note, before we provide the quotes that in no way are we at saying that we understood the troubles of parents of disabled children, but I do have family and friends who have such a challenge and thrive none the less through their determination and strength and more importantly…love.


Professor Triggs had a different point of view unfortunately and was quoted saying her daughter Victoria was;


“Severely retarded as anyone who is still alive can be,”


Continuing on to say… “It sounds terrible, but I’d look at Victoria and think, well you’re going to die, so I’m not going to invest too much in you”


It doesn’t stop there…when Victoria was six months old, Triggs and her partner handed the baby’s care over to another family until her death, many years later aged 21. When discussing this decision, Triggs said;


“I simply made the judgement that I would rather put my time into my other children and family, because I also never believed she would live to that age.”

Source: Gillian Triggs, this is the Quote That Destroyed You! – The Loud Libertarian


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