Canberra’s annual Midwinter Ball raises a great deal of money for charity. So that’s a good thing.



Nice job Malcolm. You made the top of this morning’s Wall Street Journal US edition home page. The linked story notes the good company you keep.

Mr. Turnbull isn’t the first Australian leader to be embarrassed by his dealings with a U.S. president. In 2008, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd temporarily chilled relations when he recounted a phone conversation with President George W. Bush that revealed the American leader’s ignorance of a coming Group of 20 meeting in Washington.


Turnbull and Rudd are the same basic personality.


@Smike Turnbull doesn’t seem to have learnt from the earlier outing.


Mother Lode22 hours ago


Prime Minister Martin Trumble uses the ABC the way a blind man would use a cane. When he does as the ABC bids and it backfires, he is as much at a loss as the blind man who had felt solid ground suddenly falls into a who. “But there was no hole. I would have felt it!”

Trumble is not lacking judgement here. He simply has not the faintest apprehension of the the possibility of a chance of a remote likelihood that Trump is not a bumbling cretin.

The ABC would have told him.

Source: MALCOLM AMONG FRIENDS | Daily Telegraph


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