Manus: a ten point plan to recover our honour, our borders and our country | The Spectator Australia

The Turnbull government has gone to water over the claim by about 1900 Manus Island detainees. It could have and should have resisted this. To win anything, you need a battle plan – I suggest a 10…


Had the Turnbull government behaved with the sort of strengths we would expect – the strengths demonstrated by the Abbott government – there can be no doubt it would have won such a double dissolution election as well as the referendum. As on similar occasions, there is palpable outrage across the length and breadth of the country, and not only among Conservative voters but also among Labor voters, that tough measures must be taken to protect the borders and that the criminal people smugglers and their clients should never be rewarded.

All is not lost even now. If the government were to now follow this plan, they could legally recover every cent of the Australian taxpayers’ $70 million they have so foolishly agreed to hand over to the illegal immigrants.

If Malcolm Turnbull can’t do this, the party room should do what they probably itching to do and put Tony Abbott back in power. He is undoubtedly a strong leader – he has already demonstrated that with other countries lining up to copy his policies.

Source: Manus: a ten point plan to recover our honour, our borders and our country | The Spectator Australia


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