Subsidizing Nuclear Is No Strategy For Long-Term Success | PA Pundits – International

To help the nuclear industry, politicians must do the hard work of getting to the roots of its problems—eliminating all energy subsidies, eliminating policies and regulations that favor certain energy technologies and resources over others, tackling regulations that put undue expense on commercial nuclear plants for no meaningful health or safety benefits, streamlining decommissioning, and taking nuclear waste management seriously.

In doing so, Congress would unleash the nuclear power industry to compete fairly on a level playing field, and show leadership to states that have done their own part to distort energy markets.It shouldn’t be the project of politicians to make an energy resource succeed, whether that is nuclear power, renewables, or traditional resources like oil, natural gas, and coal.

Energy technologies should succeed or fail on their own merits, where the arbiters of success are in the marketplace, not the Capitol.

Source: Subsidizing Nuclear Is No Strategy For Long-Term Success | PA Pundits – International


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