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Raised in one of Australia’s safest Labor seats and having dutifully voted Labor in every election from 1984 to 1991, my abandonment of the Left proved to be a gradual, multi-step process. For this I must thank my then-fellow leftists who started the ball rolling, as is so frequently the case in these matters


In 1983, during my solitary year at university, a boring but worthy anti-war left-wing film was followed by a young feminist speaker who declared there would be no violence if women led the world’s governments.

“What about Margaret Thatcher?” I asked, this being only a year after the Falklands War.

“She’s a man,” the speaker shot back. I laughed, but she didn’t, and neither did anyone else in the screening room. Small note to self: my comrades are not inclined to face awkward facts.

Source: The Setting of Their Leftist Suns — Quadrant Online


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