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Excellent summary Michael. However, I’d make a couple of points. When Julia Gillard drafted the Rules for an association which Heydon said didn’t exist and couldn’t have authorised anyone to do anything, let alone have Rules, in Rule I she ensured that because of Section 8(1)(d) of the Act alone, the WA CAC could never have granted a Certificate of Incorporation, except by being over-ridden by a successful appeal to the Minister, as happened. Additionally, by her admitted personally handwriting the unauthorised name in the other documents she knew to be false, the Application and the Draft Certificate, Gillard made triply sure neither Ray Neal nor any other WA CAC official could have granted it without Ministerial intervention.

Gillard and others saying it was knocked back because it ‘sounded’ too much like a Trade union was only a ploy to try and give credence to the second set of false documents she admits she authored, but evidence shows were never sent to the alleged named recipients. Her alleged 13/5/92 letter to Ray Neal, the letter she drafted word for word allegedly for Blewitt to send to Ray Neal, the new Rule 3A Heydon found she drafted, and the 21/5/92 memorandum she allegedly sent to Blewitt, all done knowing no association existed and any undertaking impossible to make or ensure was carried out.

Cross-examination of Gillard.
43 Q. You were causing, in effect, Mr Blewitt to write giving a personal undertaking to the Commissioner, the WA Commissioner of Corporate Affairs?
46 A. I think “causing” is not the right word.
.10/09/2014 (9) 812 J E GILLARD (Mr Stoljar)
1 Q. Well, you crafted a letter for him to that effect?
2 A. My understanding from my instructions was that Mr Blewitt and Mr Wilson wanted to incorporate this Association. The clear meaning of the letter from Mr Neal is that there is an issue in relation to that incorporation. I then provided advice to Mr Blewitt about the resolution of that issue. Whether or not he accepted that advice or acted on it is entirely a matter for him.
10/09/2014 (9) 813 J E GILLARD (Mr Stoljar)

Had the Royal Commission bothered to contact Ray Neal, he would have testified the 15/5/92 letter Gillard alleged she received from him, but was only produced for the first time by Wilson’s counsel in the Royal commission, was a forgery!

In his opening statement 10 June 2014, after only having heard evidence from a shamefully treated and woefully unprepared Ralph Blewitt, plus reading a few statements from some witnesses, many of whom had a vested interest in the aspect of secret commissions being ignored, Stoljar signalled that’s just what he would be doing. Instead, he openly stated he would be submitting that Thiess executives were misled and as a consequence Wilson and Blewitt had allegedly defrauded Thiess!

All Gillard’s Bullshit and vey much more is now enshrined as alleged fact in Australian legal history courtesy of Heydon’s Chapter 3-2 Report, and we have only just scratched the surface Michael!

Source: For Jeff Kennett – please take a closer look at Ms Gillard – Michael Smith News


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