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It is an extraordinary feature of the Stoljar Chapter 3-2 Submissions, and in particular Commissioner Heydon’s Chapter 3-2 Report, that the huge majority of pages and paragraphs they wrote, detailed questions to, and answers from every relevant witness, treating the bogus entity Australian Workers’ Union – Workplace Reform Association Inc as though it had existed when they had both found it did not.

On any impartial assessment, that rendered their extensive documents just as false as those Gillard had advised and allowed to be created and lodged.

That major aberration is made worse by the fact that the entity that did exist, Australian Workers’ Union – Members Welfare Association (No.1) Account and had undeniably been fraudulently used and its monies misappropriated for many devious purposes, hardly rated a mention, especially in Heydon’s Report.

In the post linked below I dealt with many of the errors and false assumptions arising as a result. Read that and then check the excerpt of Wilson’s cross-examination below.

In 24 pages of questions and answers in Julia Gillard’s cross-examination on this matter in the Royal Commission, not one question was raised by Counsel Assisting about links to the two payments of $8,750 each on 12/10/94 and 21/10/94, from Wilson’s unincorporated Melbourne ‘slush’ fund, Australian Workers’ Union – Members Welfare Association (No.1) Account, made to Town Mode Fashions which was the trading name for Kew Renovators Pty Ltd, owned by the Zachariah brothers.

The signatories on the cheques were Bruce Wilson and Jim Collins, who were involved in what Commissioner Heydon described as ‘Bruce Wilson’s bizarre
destruction of her bathroom.’

No mention was made of the $10,000 Bank cheque for Kon Spyridis purchased on 27/4/95 from a $15,000 cash withdrawal from the Melbourne ‘slush’ fund under the signatures of Bruce Wilson and Jim Collins.

No mention was made of this admission off tape by Ms.Gillard in her 11/9/95 exit ‘discussion’.
PG: ‘OK. Is there anything else that you think we need to know about?’
JG: ‘No, I think that’s it, I can’t think of anything else.’
PG: ‘OK. Thanks. The interview was continued because we needed to talk about . . .’
JG: “Sorry, I’m getting confused, the, Geoff when we were not on tape asked me a series of questions about things that I have had done to the house
that I don’t recall getting invoiced for.”

By contrast, despite later expressing many reservations about Gillard’s ‘stories’ about different aspects of her major renovations, apparently neither Stoljar or Heydon chose to see the significance in Wilson’s ‘testimony’ and accepted it without any serious question!

Wilson cross-examination by Stoljar.
3 Q. Would you come to page 317. 4 A. Yes.
6 Q. There are two cheques in the amount of $8,750 on 12 October and 21 October respectively. Do you see those entries?
9 A. Yes.
11 Q. And you’ve read Mr Cambridge’s statement?
12 A. I have, but I don’t recall precisely what he would have said about those.
15 Q. He says that they were made out in favour of an entity called Town Mode? 17 A. Yes.
19 Q. He says that, as he understood it, was a lady’s fashion store. Can you offer any explanation as to why those two cheques in that
amount were drawn on this account and paid over to that store?
23 A. Yes. I understand that we bought T-shirts from Town Mode and I understand or I recall that they were T-shirts to be handed out to
members of the union in preparation for an election, and they had written on the front of them “Hands Off the AWU Victoria Branch”.
29 Q. So you say that these – you haven’t said that in your statement, have you?
31 A. Oh, I don’t know if I have or I haven’t. I can’t recall. I’ve read that much.
34 Q. You’re saying that was for some sort of election, was it? 36 A. Yes.
38 Q. Although by now you’re depositing union funds into that account?
40 A. By that stage there were no union funds deposited into the account.
43 Q. Were you holding the cheques?
44 A. I think – I can’t recall whether we were holding cheques other than I believe we may have been holding a couple of Thiess cheques.
12/6/2014 (5) 489 B M WILSON (Mr Stoljar)

What a farce! As I’ve always maintained, the truth is hidden in plain sight!

Source: For Jeff Kennett – please take a closer look at Ms Gillard – Michael Smith News


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