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Who would have thunk it.  A big dollar government stimulus program that involved spending too much on the wrong things in the wrong place.  Who would have thunk it. Reported in the Australian today…


  1. val majkus

    just to broaden the depression
    written 3 May 2016
    has a graph

    … The first two bars show Howard’s last years, with spending well within revenue. The next six belong to Rudd and Gillard (plenty more on that to come). The last two show the deadlocked waste of a parliament we currently have and a Liberal government that has so far been without the ability or the means to fix what Rudd and Gillard left. Politics just keeps lowering the bar to the point where Satan is probably getting worried.

    just add one year and the last sentence is just as relevant today

    val majkus

    trying that link again

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