New Study: Scientists Find Recent Uk Flooding Is Not Unprecedented | Watts Up With That?

From the GWPF Observatory This new paper presents the first coherent large-scale national analysis undertaken on historical flood chronologies in Britain, providing an unparalleled network of sites…


Since I was was born the worlds population has doubled and the UK population has increased by about 30%. The perception of increased flooding must be put into context with: [1] the increase in the amount of people living in areas that flood; [2] the decrease in areas that are allowed to flood and where excess water goes; [3] the affect of any development on water runnoff as most urban areas will and are expected to be well drained, although this includes farmland; [4] the fact that the UK has a reputation for rain especially over public holidays.

Source: New Study: Scientists Find Recent Uk Flooding Is Not Unprecedented | Watts Up With That?

People forget to look uphill when selecting a place to live.

When buying a house they should ask if the house has been flooded, though if it is only a few years that is not enough. Check the land uphill, and look for the gutters and other evidence of how the land up there drains, and where it flows down the hill.

We lived in a rental in a hilly spot for several years, and I could see a shallow ditch running down the hill behind the houses opposite us. The house in direct line of draining was built up on the side of the block the water would come through, so that would be fine, but I estimated that the water would then cross the road, and run down our driveway into the shed. Thankfully, the day the rain poured down, I found out that the person who designed the gutter across our driveway did a great job. The water was diverted from our driveway down the driveway next door, and into their shed!

Meanwhile, people along the river further down the hill had to wait for the flood to go down so water could be connected to their block before they built their new house. I won’t feel sorry for them when they get flooded.

Lesson …. look for the drains up hill, and don’t build on a floodplain.


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