The Laws of Averages: Part 2, A Beam of Darkness | Watts Up With That?

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen   This essay is second in a series of essays about Averages — their use and misuse.  My interest is in the logical and scientific errors, the informational erro…


It tells us that looking at the National Median Household Income, as a single-number–especially in dollars unadjusted for inflation–presents a picture that obscures, hides, whitewashes over the inequalities and disparities that are the important facts of this metric.   The single number, National Average  (Median) Household Income number tells us only that one very narrow bit of information — it does not tell us how American families are doing income-wise.  It does not inform us of the economic well-being of American families  — rather it hides the true state of affairs.

Thus, I say that the publicly offered Average Household Income, rather than shedding light on the economic well-being of American families, literally shines a Beam of Darkness that hides the real significant data about the income of America’s households.   If we allow ourselves to be blinded by the Beam of Darkness that these sort of truth-hiding averages represent, then we are failing in our duty as critical thinkers.

Source: The Laws of Averages: Part 2, A Beam of Darkness | Watts Up With That?


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