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I came to this wonderful country from Hungary, fleeing my homeland one jump ahead of the Russians. Cricket, inedible bread, the bizarre ‘football’ codes — they were the negatives but didn’t amount to much cause for complaint. Australia, though, how much do I love you?

Source: The Love Song of a Grateful ‘Wog’ — Quadrant Online

I am 2nd generation or more Aussie, with Polish Grandpa Charlie the newest European input, along with most of Europe and all of Great Britain represented as well. I inherited a lot, but the whole was shaped by the town I grew up in, the friends who had mixed heritage just like me, though none of us had exactly the same mix.

All my life I have mixed with people of mixed heritage, but they have one thing in common … they are all Aussies. Some migrants and their children have funny accents, some have different shape eyes, or different colour skin … but we all take the mickey out of each other, call each other names which are no longer politically correct, and share stories, laughs, and food. Included in the mix are some Aboriginal blood, just to add the final touch to us Aussies.

Unfortunately, there are now some living in this country who want us to become like them, rather than adding a bit of them to our Aussie mix.


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