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According to Commonwealth budget paper 1, between 2016-17 and 2019-20, total budget expenses will increase by 12% from $450.1 billion to $503.2 billion. However, over the same period, expenses on s…


Cynic of Ayr

I don’t think the figures tell the whole story.
Most – I would suspect – of the money goes to administering and handing out the money and services.
There is an absolute army of pubic servants and vast quantities of equipment involved here.
Consider a little house in a town, that caters to Rural Health (or some such.)
There is an administrator on 100Gs, an assistant on 70Gs, a car (renewed every three years or less) a computer, holiday pay, sickness pay, all sorts of leave that government employees are given. Of course, there are conferences to attend, fly to, and stay at. Rent on the house, power etc.
Every now and again, someone wanders in with a health problem. There is lots of paperwork, advice on how to access some Government Money etc.
In Canberra, another army looks after the “front line” army, with advice, rules, expense chits etc.
That’s where the money goes. It all doesn’t go to recipients, just a proportion of it.
Not entirely related, but a few years back, Rudd allocated 20 Million Dollars to shoot feral camels. I was involved in looking at being a supplier. After the 20 Million was spent, not a single shot was fired!
All the money went to feasibility studies, mapping, tenders, and so on. Bureaucrats drove around in new SUVs (gotta have an SUV! We’re in the bush, mate!) There were administrators, managers, offices and computers. All the money went to nothing. There was no report, they ran out of money, and Rudd’s attention was elsewhere. Probably Chinese Rat Fornication or something.
Think how much money it costs just to open the doors of parliament house, and every other office in Canberra, and you get some idea where the money goes. It doen’t go to people outside government.

Source: The Ponzi Schemes that Ate the Budget | Catallaxy Files

I remember reading the details of the big camel shoot … about the only thing it didn’t cover is what brand of toilet paper the shooter was allowed to use in the bush.

Oh, and how to actually shoot a camel.


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