Conski 2.0 – Cory Bernardi

Now, the Liberals are promising their own version of Labor’s policy with the selling point of ‘its it’s slightly less bad than the other team!’ It still promises huge amounts of money over the next decade whilst delivering very little money under this government’s watch.

Importantly, the cash splash thrown at the education system has no accountability. It isn’t dependent on schools improving educational outcomes for students or improving our plummeting international rankings in terms of science or math. It is simply a guarantee of more money regardless of performance. There isn’t even a requirement that it be spent on education – it can be applied to whatever scheme, agenda or bureaucracy a school decides.

For those who have fought so hard against the indoctrination of our children through programs like the misnamed Safe Schools initiative, I say “look out, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Source: Conski 2.0 – Cory Bernardi


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