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The Democrats are zero for five in the special elections that have been held to replace Trump appointments and this was the most devastating of them all. Like this story particularly: AWESOME! GOP …



From Steve’s link, Roger Simon on the Hollywood grandees who poured money into the DNC George race:

They should also examine what it is about Donald Trump that actually makes them so angry. The tweets? That he opposes radical Islamic terrorism? That he is colluding with Russia? (The idea of that being of concern to [Jane] Fonda, who actually did collude with North Vietnam in the most obvious way, is hilarious.) What specifically? Not gay marriage. He supported that long before Obama or Hillary came around.

In actuality, I submit that what angers them most is that Trump is not interested in them. He is interested in the actual working class, which they disdain.

BTW, JC, I’m afraid you just don’t get it. Despite the 24/7 media propaganda against him and the rigged (Dem+10) poll sampling designed to demonstrate he is hated, the Trump presidency is electorally popular in the US when it counts at the ballot box — in spite of the 10s of millions spent by the DNC in Georgia. The Dems are 0-5 in US by-elections since November.

The scale of the media lying and scheming against him is unprecedented in world politics, let alone US politics. This really is the corrupt bully ruling class’s last stand.

Source: Ossoff and don’t come back again | Catallaxy Files


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