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Delicate, sensitive and thoughtfully feminine CFMEU boss John Setka now claims his subtle and cautious “warning” this week to building inspectors was “taken out of context” by brutish ideological enemies.


Before looking at Setka’s latest claims, let’s review that warning one more time:

“Let me give a dire warning to the ABCC inspectors: be careful what you do,” he said, claiming that many did not have their names on the electoral roll.

“They have got to lead these secret little lives because they are ashamed of what they do,” he said. “You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to ­expose them all.

“We will lobby their neighbourhoods. We will tell them who lives in that house. What he does for a living, or she. We will go to their local football club. We will go to the local shopping ­centre.

“They will not be able to show their faces anywhere. Their kids will be ashamed of who their parents are when we expose all these ABCC inspectors.

“If they think they are going to walk around and desecrate construction workers, take away our rights, and then ride off into the sunset, and there’s going to be no consequences, well, they’re in for a big surprise.”

And there we have it, in Setka’s carefully-chosen words. Now comes his excuse:

My speech at Tuesday’s rally has been deliberately taken out of context and exploited by the Liberals who only want to attack workers’ rights …

We’ve never gone to people’s homes or involved their families and we never would. The thought of anyone going to someone’s home is reprehensible.

Actually, Setka never specifically mentioned going to homes. He promised visits to neighbourhoods, football clubs and shopping centres. Presumably those venues are still fair game. Now we get to the truly tear-jerking component of Setka’s epic victimhood statement:

My speech reflected the depth of anger construction workers feel about the persecution they face from the ABCC. It’s the families of construction workers who are harassed. It’s the children of construction workers who are fearful when their dads are being threatened with jail and massive fines for standing up for their rights or fighting for better safety on the job.

Source: CONTEXTUAL SETKA | Daily Telegraph

Does that mean he will not shirtfront inspectors just doing their job?

And does this mean that no construction site manned by his union members will ever have an industrial accident?

After all, I have seen members of his union wearing shirts proclaiming that safety is their business, which means that everything on those sites is perfectly safe. Like when union members get caught in scissor lifts … how does that happen on a safe worksite where there are people wearing shirts saying safety is their business?


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