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Discrimination is the new watchword. One cannot discriminate against a person because of a whole host of attributes: sexual preference, gender, religion, age, intelligence, disability, culture and …



You won’t find mothers being able to breastfeed on the factory floor, in a busy office, at their retail job or any other “ordinary” job.

Only politicians and perhaps top public servants.

One rule for the elite. It was a stunt, and she was just using the baby as a handy prop. I wonder just perhaps she wanted a picture of her bosom on the major news site, too. How sad.

Des Deskperson

“But what of a public service mother breast feeding her baby? There is a meeting to attend overseas – say Paris – and of course you can’t discriminate against that mother so off she goes to Paris, with baby and with her partner so that the baby can be cared for while she is meeting interlocutors.”

Sorry but this is not a plausible scenario. Even in the APS, employees are expected to do what they are paid to do, not to mind their kids at work.

IIRC, discrimination law allows an employer to ‘discriminate’ if it isn’t possible to accommodate a person’s needs in the workplace beyond ‘reasonable adjustments’, and caring for a baby while working full time at any level in the APS – let alone taking one with you to an important overseas conference – would have effects on productivity, morale, teamwork and office cohesiveness that could never be accommodated through ‘reasonable adjustment’.

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