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Discrimination is the new watchword. One cannot discriminate against a person because of a whole host of attributes: sexual preference, gender, religion, age, intelligence, disability, culture and …



Larissa Waters breastfeeding “necessity” in parl this week . Total stunt. In 2017 no one cares where she gets her boobs out.

I think there’s a certain decorum and reverence that should be maintained, when we are talking about laws that impose on the lives of millions of people.

You know, it’s an utter necessity that I dump a great big turd now and then, but I choose NOT to do that out in the open in the middle of a public building. I make that choice out of respect to the other people around me… because I understand that my convenience is not always paramount.

Little babies are not appropriate in places where there is serious discussion underway. They are disruptive, and they do not contribute to the meeting. That’s not a criticism of babies for being babies, it is an observation based on what babies do, as compared with the purpose of deliberation over the future of a nation.

Various other behaviours are similarly inappropriate in places of high office: running around howling; hanging out with your wang out; singing your favourite pop song badly at full volume; doing it doggy style on the floor; getting shitfaced on tequila, breaking out a spontaneous game of rugby; trying to achieve that difficult yoga movement you saw on YouTube; experimenting with innovative modern art techniques; putting the orbital sander over that surfboard you’ve been working on; letting out wicked gut-churning farts; the wearing of full body clown costume along with elaborate fruit-bowl headgear. You get my point by now.


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The alternative for real women in the workforce is to express milk and hand a bottle over to the babysitter.


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