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I would like to acknowledge the traditional idiots that cause me to write, the Political People of the Canberra Parliament Nation, and the profligates past and present who will lead us to serfdom. …


Perhaps he is right. Perhaps he is wrong. But you think he would offer something to support his cased rather than anecdotal dogma and misleading numbers.  But hey. This is government in Australia. Who needs facts, who needs evidence. We need fairness or the perception of fairness (thanks also Tax-Me-ScoMo).


There you go. Apparently shareholders and investor are too stupid to work out their governance arrangements themselves. It requires the wisdom and judgement of Canberra to right the ship.  The people who brought you pink bats, school halls, French subs and $900 cheques want to tell private business how best to organise and manage.

Is there anything or anywhere left that is safe from these people? Is there any corner of our lives that these people are not prepared to meddle?  Is it not enough to tax us to death.  Do you really have to destroy our potential to earn livelihoods also?

Source: Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Worse | Catallaxy Files


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