TOUCAN SAM MUST DIE | Daily Telegraph

And so must all of his fellow cartoon-based children’s food promotional spokescreatures.



Oh NO! The death of the Paddle Pop Lion (let’s call him ‘Cecil’) will cause outrage amongst doctors’ wives everywhere (or should that be dentists’ wives?).

Maybe we should invent a role called “parent” to guide these young folk towards healthy choices (which can include any “junk food” in suitable moderation). A new government programme perhaps?

The main obesity epidemic in Australia is the “public service”. Otherwise unemployable bureaucrats inventing work for themselves so they can continue to steal from us and intrude in our lives, uninvited of course, without the troublesome burden of guilt they might otherwise feel.

Source: TOUCAN SAM MUST DIE | Daily Telegraph

What are these things called “parents”?

The people who care for children these days are in the childcare industry, or are grandparents.



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