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“I’ve never seen anything like this,” writes New York journalist Jenna Wortham. “Each floor of the NYT newsroom is full of folks walking out in solidarity against the coming layoffs.”



Ripped from the headlines of the New York Times*:


In the last 15 minutes, Gary Pole has worked as a substitute teacher, custodian, auto parts clerk and warehouse assembler. He has earned $100, he says, $900 less than his salary from his old job.

Jon Maizel has gone back to college at the age of 32. Still another man who walked off his job on June 29 now thinks that the strike was wrong and does not want his friends in the union to know he feels that way.

For some former editors, picket-line oratory has been replaced by financial instability, family pressures, frantic job hunting and fears about the future. …

”I’d sure like my old job back,” Mr. Pole said. But, like other members who remained loyal to the union, he added that he would not return without concessions on retirement issues or working conditions. Those matters, rather than salary demands, were the key areas of disagreement.

For other members of the union, the strike is no longer measured in terms of length – 15 minutes so far – or in lost salaries. Instead, the strike’s toll is taken in strained marriages, bankruptcies and the astronomical telephone bills that the former editors said reflect the cost of reassuring one another that they had done the right thing. …

* Readers should note that I took some minor, “artistic” liberties with the original story. Just like the soon to be axed folks at the Times often do.

Source: IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN | Daily Telegraph


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