Christopher Pyne explains to the ABC how he takes Liberal voters for granted. – Michael Smith News

Two parties are NOT much preferred. said …

Sunday Telegraph’s Annika Smethurst tells readers below the fold on page seven that Julie the stick insect Bishop billed taxpayers more tgan $1600 in fkights ans accommodation for a trip to Adelaide Where she celeberated her 60th birthday. This late news is anout her July 17 birthday in 2016. While it is interesting but oh so late. This sort of click bait is frustrating when I am more worried about her cavalier attidude to the way Bill Clinton has been permitted to rort the Austrailian Treasuary. With his sigunature representing the Clinton Foundation, While we suspect he is not a fit person and cant be dsitting as a board member of any foundation. Tacked on the end of this beat up we read how the Minister has excused for the spending. Entertainment bills tge celebrity stick insect could pay with the spare change in her expensive hand bags. Why csnt we see all bills and charges published quick smart on Ministers web sites? Why should there be such bloddy time wasting when we are entitled to know what our representatives cost us in a timely manner. Its almost as bad as waiting until after an election count is long over before we find out who bought which polliticians for the next political term!

Source: Christopher Pyne explains to the ABC how he takes Liberal voters for granted. – Michael Smith News


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