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A fine article by Melanie Phillips UK conservative commentator on Trump in Poland http://www.melaniephillips.com/trump-in-poland/

More particularly Phillips expostulates on the bemused response from UK mainstream media in the form of the BBC: “……………Opined Professor MacMillan: “There are bonds that hold us together and there are often bonds of history, but the idea there is something called ‘the west’ seems to me very dubious indeed. There are many wests, there are many different ways of looking at who we are, and I’m worried by the whole tenor of his speech. The talk of the ‘will’, the family, traditional values, what does that all mean?... ……..she found something frightening or sinister about traditional values or the emphasis on the family: the very things that keep any society together.”

Perhaps the BBC has not heard of the statement that Western Civilization is built on a foundation of Greco-Roman philosophy; Judeo-Christian morality and Anglo Saxon laws and government. These are the principles and underpinnings which understood and acknowledged by Trump…………but a total mystery to the BBC.

The fact that the BBC does not understand something so fundamental as what constitutes ” the West…… the family, traditional values” summarizes neatly in one befuddled question what is wrong with the Left and why it must be stopped. The fact that she finds the family sinister far, far worse and indicates perhaps the next emerging battle by the left – to destroy the traditional family in favour of statism. A battle they are already beginning to fight.

Source: “If we fail to preserve it, it will never, ever exist again” | Catallaxy Files


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