Justin Trudeau apologises and pays $10M compo to Al Quaida bomb-maker who admitted to killing US Medic – Michael Smith News

In searching for Why this person Omar Khadr is offered $10 million in compensation. I came across this from Michelle Rempel ✔ @MichelleRempel
1/ When a Canadian soldier is injured in battle the government provides a Disability Award up to a maximum of $360,000.
Michelle Rempel ✔@MichelleRempel
2/ Despite this, the current government is willing to provide $10 million to a convicted terrorist.

Interesting when we are being told the Candaian government is offering ten million to Omar Khadr because he was questioned at Guantanimo Bay. A process now considered to have been torture by some legal systems and courts. There is at least one other compensation payment this large. Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized in 2007 to Maher Arar, a Canadian who was tortured in Syria on terror suspicions in 2002, he is said to have received $11.5 million.
I understand when the compensation is setteled on, any futher legal arguement in the matter is dropped.
I note the pitifully small amount of disability award paid $360K in compensation for war injuries should have relatives of veterans and people in general marching in the streets.
Here in Australia I understand we have heaps of returned service men and women who could do with a lot more hand ups than are being offered by veterans affairs and taken up by those permanantly damaged by their war service..
As for the enormous amount of compensation being paid to artful legal claimiants like Omar Khadr. What are our Australian leaders doing with our legislative process to creat new bills. Which when p[assed will put in place legal road blocks to those artful legal claimants we can expect to start fronting our courts here for the same sorts of compensation? I doubt there will be anything in the works because those currently using parliament couldnt wvwn be bothered by the reams of formal complaints being made about elected representatives. never mind matters which may in time threated Australians pockets. Because a succession of our leaders have taken their collective eyes off the legal ball! Edward James the Dolls House

Source: Justin Trudeau apologises and pays $10M compo to Al Quaida bomb-maker who admitted to killing US Medic – Michael Smith News


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